About iThottam

iThottam (Thottam, தோட்டம், is a Tamil word, a Southern state in India, which means a farm) is an inspired farm bringing the healthy vegetables from Indian origin. This is our 4th season and happy to see us marching towards producing them in our cold Northeast. Started as a small green house project and expanded to serving families in Boston area. Farming is a public service and we are thankful to take part in it. We practice sustainable agriculture and produce Organic vegetables.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

2017 Season – Joined with Renee Toll-Dubois and farmed Indian vegetables for approximately 25 families in New England.

2016 Season – Just myself worked during this season. I did offer only 10 families this year due to limited labor and focus on learning farming than business.

2015 Season – Santosh, Vijaya, Vanitha and Muthu worked during this season. We did offer our shares to 25+ families this year.

2014 Season – Saravanan, Vijaya and Muthu worked  this season to bring CSA for the first time and served more than 20 families during this year.

2013 Season – Syam and Muthu founded iThottam and worked on a leased land in Woburn and learnt to grow Indian vegetable and challenges around them.

Please reach us via email at muthu@ithottam.com or submit your question through Contact page.

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