Full Circle Earth


Full Circle Earth is a non profit organization dedicated to education, empowerment, and growth for the whole community. Within these three focused pillars – Educate, Empower, Grow Full Circle Earth will meet the environmental needs of the community, while creating rewarding vocational and learning service opportunities for students, youth and individuals with developmental disabilities.

Jimi Carnazza – Founder, Chair of Board and Executive Director of FCE. With an education in sociology, social work, and organic land care; background in art and performance, Jimi has been working in several key areas including special needs education, permaculture, organic land care and music. Currently he works at a School to Work Specialist with various high schools in the North Shore area and is focused on launching FCE (Full Circle Earth).

Jimi is my farming neighbor where we both leased the land from David Burns. Jimi makes the Compost Tea, Vermicompost Tea and educate/help us do our Organic farming here in Woburn. He is very impressive with the knowledge he has on farming and the nature of helping out to do something great back to the community. Every conversation we had were very helpful doing the right thing back to the soil. Visit his Greenhouse to see his work and the outcome of it.

His mission statements are very impressive:

  1. To Educate the focus community on sustainable solutions and how to live sustainably for the betterment of humanity and the earth;
  2. To Empower people in the community through learning opportunities at our environmental education center and through our public outreach.
  3. To Grow (food, herbs, flowers, social capital) and in so doing demonstrating how growth is necessary to life.  to find beneficial relationships from which to maximize that growth within novel and overlapping relationships.

Simple man with a great vision and courage to change the world


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