Blue Heron Farm


Blue Heron Organic Farm was started in 2001 by Ellery Kimball, who was born and raised a mile from the farm in Lincoln. Now 37, Kimball has been running the farm for 12 years, but began working on the farm 20 years ago when she was a senior in high school. She fell instantly in love with farming and went on to get a bachelor’s in Sustainable Agriculture in Arizona. Now the farm is very productive, employing three farm workers seasonally with the help of many volunteers as well.

I swing by her farm today and had a great conversation about the history of the farm and the way she does farming. I was very happy to see how happy she is doing the farm work and helping the community around. She offered me several suggestions, advises and they were great, open, honest and experience. She is single handedly taking care of 7 acres of land. Always when you want to start the farm, there are so many questions. She answered perfect and sweet with these:

  • Jump right into it
  • Never give up

You can start with as simple as 1 acre and expand that when you can. Or some people start with more land but do it in smaller part of it until they are ready to do on all the land. There is also set of YouTube videos of her talking about the farm and her experience. They are great to watch.


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