GonguraGongura (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) is a green which is widely used in Andhra Pradesh, India. You will see more in pickle version but can also be used in Chutneys too. The same is called as “Pulicha Keerai” in Tamil Nadu, India.

The Gongura leaves have a very sour taste. It is generally found in pastures where the soil contains iron. The the red stems and buds, strikingly beautiful divided leaves with red veins and stems (petioles), and the pale yellow flowers touched with a faint blush are quite distinctive and ornamental.

Health facts:

  • Cool any inflammation and heat in the blood
  • Fresh leaves of the gongura help to stimulate the stomach and to sharpen the appetite
  • Rich source of Iron, Vitamins, Folic acid and Anti-oxidants
  • Cools the liver
  • Strengthens the heart

Some Recipes:

Links (Sources):

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